All Kinds of Small Household Electrical Appliances and Parts

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A. 榨汁圓盤刀片(磨汁圓盤刀片)
Juicer Disc Blade (Grating Disc Blade)
A. 榨汁圓盤刀片(磨汁圓盤刀片)
Juicer Disc Blade (Grating Disc Blade)
B. 切丁刀片
Dicing Bladen
C. 切絲 & 切片專用刀片
Shredding (Julienne) Blade & Slicing Blade
D. 絞肉機專用刀片
Mincer Blade or Meat Grinder Blade
E. 果汁機專用刀片
Blender Blade
F. 傳動軸心
Drive Shaft or Drive Bearing
G. 冰沙專用刀片
Ice Crush Blade
H. 折合刀專用刀片(藍波刀)
Jack Knife Blade (Rambo Knife Blade)
I. 刨冰專用刀片
Ice Shaving Blade
J 各種疏菜果汁機之專用刀片,有刨冰型、攪肉型
Blades for vegetable & fruit juicers
(available in ice-breaking type and meat-stirring type)
A1 電動式魚排專用刀片.   A2~A20 各種食物處理機刀片.
A16~A17 電動開罐器刀片.
A1 Blades for electrical fish chop  achines. 
A2~A20 Blades for all kinds of food  processing machines. 
A16~A17 Blades for electric can opener.
L 扇型 Fan-shaped       梅花齒 Plums Sharp
Fruit/Vegetable Mixers, Mixer Blades, Axle, Fruit Slicers,
Axle Can Openers, Axle Ice Grinders.
M 氣體瓶罐環保破壞鉗 
Environment-protection pliers for gas bottles and cans. 
These pliers is designed for insecticide cans, gas cans, and  air-containing bottles and cans of all sizes. Before disposing  gas bottles and cans, use these pliers to expel gas in order to avoid danger of explosion.